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At Easyfix Electrics, we pride ourselves on being trustworthy experts in rewiring work. Electricity is the commonest form of energy in the sense that every individual in the world uses it. People use electricity for almost all purposes in their homes. This is how it plays a major role in everybody’s life. However, it is also common to see people being hospitalised now and then because of electrical accidents. People lose their lives in these accidents as well! In most cases, these accidents happen because of damages suffered by electrical wiring. Hence, it is of the highest priority to get away with faulty wiring and get new wiring done. You and your family's safety are now our responsibility. We assure you with Easyfix Electrics, you are in safe hands.

Why are our services necessary?

It is in these above mentioned cases that our services become so important. We also advise our customers to make sure they get their electrical wiring checked regularly. It is illegal to do electrical work without a licence, even if it is in your own home. Choosing a properly qualified and experienced electrician is not only sensible, it is lawful. With our electrical rewiring, we can make sure that the neighbours and family members of our customers stay safe. We can stop the loss of life and property due to accidents caused by defective electric wiring. Similarly, we can also stop the electrical hazards, which cause these emergencies from taking place.

What services do we offer to our customers?

We offer an array of services for our customers, such as:
  • PowerPoint upgrades
  • Lighting upgrades
  • Electric hot water systems
  • Switchboard upgrades
  • C-Bus light and wiring systems
  • Electrical fault finding and circuit tracing
  • Garden and landscape lighting and power upgrades
  • Data and network wiring
So, as one can see, we offer practically any and everything that our customers could need in terms of electrical rewiring work in their properties. Our customers can always call us to come and perform a detailed check of the electrical wiring system in their properties.

Checking and ensuring the safety of electrical wiring in homes

People must make sure that the electrical wiring in their homes is safe. Apart from posing a risk to their lives, these issues can severely damage their electrical appliances. Therefore, it is so important that such work is done periodically at home. One especially needs electrical rewiring done at homes where there are senior citizens, especially when there has been a near miss recently. This includes the likes of RCDs (residual-current devices) that are always tripping and repeated fuse issues.

How can we help?

One of the best ways in which property owners can address these issues is by getting help from experienced electricians like us. We will check all the wires in the houses of our customers and decide if they need to be rewired or not. Property owners should also avail of our services when they are on the verge of selling their property. In such cases, electrical rewiring will make the property a lot safer. This makes the property,a much more valuable proposition for potential buyers. Installing safety switches makes identifying troubling appliances safer. If you have the correct kind of switches, it can save you from electric shock. Moreover, they can help an appliance function properly without any fluctuation of voltage.

Why should our customers call us for such work?

We also ask our customers to not do such work on their own. This is because doing such work needs expertise, experience, and skill that we possess in abundance. This is dangerous work that requires the highest technical competency.

Why should our customers call us for such work?

The following are the reasons:
  • All our electricians have every licence necessary to work in the industry.
  • We have certified Level 2 electricians who are always on-duty to help our customers.
  • Our electricians work all across the region.
  • We always respond quickly to emergency calls from our customers.
  • We make sure our customers’ worries are eased with our work.
  • We have plenty of top-quality professionals working for us.
  • We will sort out the electrical problems being faced by our customers in the first visit.
It is because of these reasons we are acknowledged to be the best electricians in inner west Sydney.


What is electrical Rewiring?
Rewiring is a process where all the appliances get new wiring done. This is mostly done to keep in compliance with the rules and regulations. But another imperative reason for an electrical rewiring is to ensure personal safety and that of the family members.

Easyfix Electrics will make sure you get an electrical rewiring done smoothly. Call us to get a free quote now!

How long does a rewire take?
Rewiring a residential property can depend on many factors. Factors like, if the property is empty or filled with furniture, number of sockets, etc. can greatly add to the time required to rewire a house.

With Easyfix Electrics, you have to rest assured that when we take a rewiring task in hand, we do it as quickly as possible. Call us to get your home rewired now!

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