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    Experienced and Fast Electricians in Maroubra

    At Easyfix Electrics, we have the most experienced and fastest electricians in the region. We know that our customers always want a high-quality electric system that offers them the maximum levels of safety. It does not matter if it is their home or their office. If you do not have such a great system, you may have to deal with rooms that have been lighted in the wrong manner. You may also have dark rooms. Your electrical gadgets could also suffer because of the faulty system. There is no end to the problems you have to suffer from when your electrical system is bad.

    Our electricians are licensed and insured

    This is an important factor in selecting professionals related to electrical works. This is where we can help our customers so much because all our professionals have the insurance and licensenecessary to work in the industry. Therefore, there is such demand for our electricians in Maroubra. The rules in Australia require such professionals to have insurance and licences to perform electrical work. We also completely adhere to them when we recruit our employees. Having such insurance and licence also means that our electricians are skilled and knowledgeable in such work.

    Our professionals are experienced and qualified

    Electricians are important because they perform such a critical role. They take care of an especially important part of the homes of our customers – the electrical wiring and the faults in the same. If someone does not have sufficient experience in the industry, they can risk their own lives and that of the people they are working for. This is where our electricians in Maroubra stand out thanks to their qualifications and experience. When such professionals are experienced, they can handle any situation easily no matter how difficult it seems to be.

    We are the local electrician’s people are proud of

    We are the top name in the local electricity industry. We have been in the industry since 1974 and have been providing high-quality services to our customers in all these years. It also helps that we can work with all kinds of customers ranging from homeowners to business owners. We are confident that no other electrician in Maroubra can work as we do. We know that our customers deserve the best and we give them the best services. Our electricians are:
    • Licensed
    • Insured
    • Witty
    • On their toes 24\7
    • Can handle any electrical contingency

    We offer emergency services

    We can also be sure that for emergency services, it does not get any better than us. We know that our customers are always looking for a reliable service provider and we are what they are looking for. Our electricians work on a 24/7 basis so they can help everyone who asks for help. With us, our customers can be sure that they will get an electrician in Maroubra they need for emergency purposes. They do not have to worry if it is a holiday or a normal working day. They always want to get the work done right, irrespective of the volume of the work.


    What can cause an electrical fire?
    A lot of times, an electrical fire can be caused due to a fault in electrical outlets and outdated appliances. Below is a list of common causes that cause electrical fires:

    • Faulty wiring: If your home is over 20-25 years old and you have not changed your wiring yet, it is time for you to consider changing it. This is because simply, they may not have the capacity to handle or multi-supply power to electrical units needing high voltage.
    • Extension Cords: A lot of times, extension cords are highly misused. They are and should be used as a temporary source of power. you should not keep an outlet plugged into the extension for a long time. if need be, call for an electrician to get a permanent source of power.

    Easyfix Electrics advises you to call for our astute electrical inspectors to get your wiring checked today to avoid any chances of electrical fires.

    What can I do to protect my property from electrical fires?
    You need to know and take precautions to protect your house from any electrical fires. Keep in mind the following:

    • Unplug the heat-producing electrical appliances when not in use.
    • Use extension cords only temporarily.
    • Having three-prong power outlets are beneficial during the malfunctioning of an electrical appliance.
    • Getting an electrical inspection done.

    Easyfix Electrics wants you to be always safe. Get a free quote from us now!

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      What kind of electrical service do you need?
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